Like so many businesses during the pandemic crisis, X-Pat TV 1 and its parent company, XP Broadcasting, have been taking a massive hit to our income.

Many of our biggest sponsors and advertisers have been either closed, or barely making a profit. For our part, we have cut our advertising rates to the bone, and applied massive discounts, in order to help them to make ends meet. For charities and our most loyal clients we even continued to broadcast promos and commercials for free. During the crisis, we have effectively operated as a non-profit service.

We would like to thank the content providers we work with for providing us with free and discounted broadcast rights during the pandemic, but understandably that situation cannot continue forever. We need to start paying fair royalties to our program producers and providers. Aside from that, our technicians have been working for no pay throughout much of the crisis.

We therefore now need to ask for your help. If you can afford to donate, you will be making sure that XPTV1 continues to broadcast, and continues to serve the ex-pat community; also that the talented musicians, presenters, and program producers who make our shows are properly paid for their work. At the very least, maybe consider buying our technicians a coffee so they can keep the lights on!

If just a few of our 30,000 global listeners per day donate a few Euros each, we can weather the current crisis together, and look forward to an even bigger and brighter future.

One final thing. If, instead of donating, you would prefer to purchase advertising or sponsorship on one of our stations, please go to the Contact Page and select “Advertising Sales” from the menu.

Thank You!