Our Shows

Late Night With Monica Price

Our weekly interview shows with Monica Price are both interesting and enlightening, looking into the lives of many successful and well-known current and yesteryear celebrities, and stars of the future.

Delving into and unraveling their thoughts and looking through their careers to find out how they arrived where they are now. What were their ambitions, and what were their greatest achievements? Who or what gave them the most inspiration? Funny, informative and sometimes surprising.

Here is a small sample of the artists who have recently joined our channel for an interview: Earth Wind & Fire. Suzi Quatro, The Imaginations, The Foundations… with too many more to mention.

We are sitting on the edge of our seat in anticipation of who Monica’s next surprise celebrity will be.

Tune in next week to find out!

Mike Read's Heritage Charts

Veteran DJ Mike Read presents a new music show for TV.

The ex-Radio 1 DJ, writer and television presenter brings to you his weekly show, The Heritage Charts. The show features new and current releases from heritage artists.

Many music-orientated shows like Top of the Pops and The Hit Parade are now no longer being made and fans around the world have been calling for some time to have a new music show on TV. Well here it is!

Watch the show on Thursday’s at 8PM, then get voting for your favourite artist HERE.

Pop Party

Fancy twisting the night away… or even the day? Pop Party brings you retro party classics with an added slice of modern anthems, from Saturday Night Fever to Ed Sheeran.

If you like your music served like a buffet of party and cheese, then this would be the Glitterball, Stilton and Cheddar of all music shows!

Live Wire

Providing a varied selection of popular video content including classic hit recording artists with their new releases.

As well as short films by emerging filmmakers., we also record our own Live Wire interviews which uncover more about the artists and their music. 

Rum and Reggae Show

You drink the rum, and we will supply the show.

Bringing you roots classics from back in the day to current reggae hits, with added Reggae cover versions.

Just chill out and enjoy!

Once this fantastic show starts, you can’t help tapping your feet, turning by the end into a full-blown dance.


A show made up of B Side songs and some of the album tracks we’d all forgotten about. Also introducing retro artists’ new song releases which you won’t hear on other music shows.

If you’d like to hear what Matt Goss or even D:Ream released last week then Poptastic has it covered before anyone else.

Latin Flavour

From Salsa to Latin dance, this is guaranteed to bring the sun out anywhere, From covers of old classics to original artists with a little Reggaeton thrown in.

The Indie Classics Sessions

Built up of Indie, Indie Disco and Rock from the 90’s and upwards. If you need to test your air guitar then we assure you that this is the show to play along to!


Tom Bryant , a new and up and coming producer and film maker. Tom Travels the world shooting on location, and getting to the nitty gritty of his acts. He includes back scene footage and drops new episodes as he travels. Tom also produced with the very talented Vicky O’Neon the famous session musical drummer and her show, “Drumming Through The Decades”.

The Jimbo & Jackie Show

Our new exciting and funny show, The Jimbo And Jackie Show. In one word… “Fantastic”. We call it our very own Wayne’s World. It’s zesty, twisted and out of this world!

They have some great interviews, and chats with celebrities and local artists. Definite good vibes, although at times a bit close to the knuckle, which is both funny and shocking. Brought to you all the way from the States in association with Rockefellas TV, California, USA.

Missed an episode? Watch on demand HERE

Harvey Brownstone Interviews

Harvey Brownstone is a high-profile retired Canadian judge who launched his interview program in February 2021. He began interviewing legendary celebrities, authors and prominent individuals. In only a few short months, the show was attracting millions of viewers.

Harvey’s interviewing style is unlike any other interviewer, because he meticulously researches each guest’s life, career and body of work. His thorough preparation allows him to ask questions that no other interviewer has ever thought to ask, much to the delight of his guests and his audience. His 40-year law career, spent in a courtroom, has given him a laser-sharp focus that makes for an always fascinating and compelling interview. Once you’ve watched Harvey conduct a celebrity interview, you won’t be satisfied with anyone else.

Watch one episode and you’ll see what we mean. You’ll be hooked!

Retro Replay

Our biggest show and our flag ship show, playing you 70’s 80’s and 90’s classics and anthems with a hint of forgotten songs to get you guessing or even dancing.

From POP to ROCK, whatever music you enjoy we have it covered in Retro Replay. A great Show… Not to be missed.

The Disco Show

Our very own pride and joy! An in-house production built up of Disco Classics and in huge demand around the globe.

Everything from Saturday night fever to Barry white and, to test your dancing shoes, a few forgotten gems for you to boogie away to on that disco dance floor, or even around your kitchen!

Shuffle Party

A video show of 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s & 00’s anthems, all on a shuffle Jukebox. Maybe we should call it the Jukebox show? Today’s music shuffled with  party rock and a few “oldies”. It’s a great fun show to watch and enjoy with your friends.

Try guessing the year or naming the artists!

The Multi Coloured Talk Show

Live from Tenerife, Eddie and Steve bring you current affairs, updates from the Canary Islands and, to be honest, whatever comes into their heads on the day. As we say in XPTV1, you never know what they will say next. All we can do is watch and wait to see!

Comedy with two presenters who are like chalk and cheese, live Banter feeding from social media, and interacting with their audience in real time.

Watch the show to find out how YOU can be a part of it!

Soul Sunday

From retro soul to Motown with a slice of Northern Soul, playing Vintage classics and those smooth and silky soulful grooves .


XPTV1 is bringing you new shows every week for those who enjoy a different niche. starting with our new K-Pop show.

Originating in South Korea, K-Pop draws influence from a range of genres like pop, experimental, rock, hip-hop, RnB, electronic, and dance. The bands have huge followings in East Asia, and their fans are some of the most fanatical in the world.


A morning with smooth, chilled, relaxed tracks. Nothing to make your pacemaker blow up. Today’s finest Chillout artists, with great videos. Sets your day up beautifully and lifts your mood.

80’s Saturday

Does exactly what it says it on the tin. Hours of 80’s hits and archived songs from back in the day,

if you need to re-live your retro days, & remember the Sinclair C5 or even the Rubiks cube then this is a hit show going your way.